The (sub)discipline of test engineering is still immature. One question is whether symptoms such as "instability" are due to broader deficiencies in software engineering, or a lack of solutions -- perhaps such as resilience (and security!) test -- within the test community.

Review of Death and the Butterfly by Colin Hester

Most often, poetry and fiction are distant cousins. They study one another approvingly, but follow very different migratory patterns. When the two stray into each other’s domain, more than territorial squabbles can arise. Each can — with considerable ease and deftness…

Cabaret’s Self-Described Thelma and Louise Cruise Landmark Stage

“Girls Rule!” raved critic Ann Latner of when Susan Werner appeared with Red Molly at the Landmark a few years ago. …

Rufus Wainwright songster magic circles back to the Landmark

Before the concert came a weekend lengthened by a day. This meant additional time to work on a reinvention of back yard landscaping, hopefully aided by time spent with some gnarly 3D design software. Success was a slow-growing affair, with most of it spent decoding the software’s occasionally two-handed user…

This is a depressing, mostly unsatisfying review of the challenge that global warming poses. Additional, global-level possible solutions are considered by its author, but you may not be fully persuaded by the solutions as framed in this text.

No matter. You must read this book anyway.

Sedjo’s credentials are impressive…

“Piano Battle” Pits Paul Cibis & Andreas Kern vs. the Paradoxes of Classical Music: A DarkViolin Review

It was a two-ring circus. It was an exhibition of top flight musicianship of the highest order. It was an entertaining mashup of both.

And like an atom-smashing particle accelerator, the results from Piano Battle fly out as cultural fragments that, LHC-like, exposed raw building blocks of Western Europe’s most…

Summer by Karl Ove Knausgaard (Penguin, 2018)

It’s a legitimate writing class exercise to ask new writers to write about the ordinary — to elevate, inspire, observe, to counter the downward pull of the overexposed and unprepossessing. …


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